Ken Barun

“Building a Home Away From Home”

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Ken Barun currently serves as the Chief of Staff at Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and reports to its President and CEO Franklin Graham. Prior to joining the ministry in 2007, Ken spent more than 20 years with the McDonald’s Corporation as Corporate Senior Vice President providing oversight and leadership in the areas of corporate social responsibility. He also held the position of President/CEO and board member of Ronald McDonald House Charities Worldwide. 

BarunUnder Barun’s tenure, Ronald McDonald House Charities established an innovative and unusual revenue sharing arrangement that allowed local affiliates to operate with a great degree of autonomy while receiving substantial support from the home office. McDonald Corporation's decentralized structure was designed to connect the needs of people in local communities with affiliate boards and fund raisers rather than utilizing the top down corporate model.

By empowering local employees and boards McDonald's was able to visualize and meet the needs in each community and therefore significantly impact the lives of children in each region. 

Barun also provided oversight and the creation of Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms, which primarily serve local families who are at the hospital for hours at a time while their child receives medical treatment, and was behind a push into medical research geared toward pediatric illnesses, preventing child abuse, and reducing youth suicide.

In 1982, Ken was asked by President Ronald Reagan to join the White House staff, where he served for three years as a Director of Projects and Policy to First Lady Nancy Reagan. 

Ken holds a degree in sociology from the University of Houston. He married his wife Sethea in 2000. Together, they have seven children, the oldest of whom, Gabrielle, passed away in 2009. Ken also authored the bestseller, "When Saying No Isn’t Enough: How to keep the Children You Love off Drugs

Ken and his wife, Sethea, live in Charlotte, North Carolina.