Jim Noble

"Leading Through Replenishment"

A Recipe For Harmony

Jim Noble, a renowned chef, restaurant owner and minister, is distinguished for his style of cooking - emphasis on natural and locally grown food products. Noble’s culinary craft, combined with his passion as a minister, has created harmony between his thriving restaurant business and his focused efforts on charities that benefit children, the poor and the hungry.

Ministering Restoration

Jim graduated from North Carolina State University’s furniture manufacturing and management program in 1977. After working with his father in the furniture business, Noble decided to go a different route and opened his first restaurant at 28. Jim and his wife Karen formed Restoration Word Ministries in 1998 and soon after that Jim became an ordained minister. Today, Jim’s noted restaurants include Noble’s Grille and Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchens in two locations in Charlotte and a new location announced in Charleston, SC.




Jim and Karen are now the founders and pastors of Restoring Place Church and the King’s Kitchen, a not for profit restaurant and bakery, in uptown Charlotte, NC. They have three children, Margaux, Olivia and James III. You can follow his blog at ChefJimNoble.com


  • “Jesus commanded us to take care of widows, orphans, and the poor. We have to do it. It’s like when you’re in the Army. If you wake up and don’t make your bed, you get into trouble. We have to feed the poor.”

    Jim Noble
  • “It's not what I can do; it's what I will do. If you wake up and try to help one person and change that person's life, every obstacle you face in front of you is worth it.”
    Kyle Maynard