Benham Brothers

The Benham Brothers, twins and serial entrepreneurs, have a combined 18 years of marketplace experience and have created several sustained and profitable companies throughout the US and internationally. The brothers were originally drafted by Major League Baseball in 1998, yet after four seasons in the pros they retired to began building businesses in 2002.

Their first company, the BENHAM REO Group, was founded in 2003 and has grown to over 90 locations in 35 states. It was this company that provided the entrepreneurial spark the brothers needed to begin creating and growing businesses around the world. Today, BENHAM Companies, is dedicated to creating & providing value in multiple spheres of the marketplace, including real estate management/sales, business consulting, tax planning, technology resource development, social entrepreneur creation, & global efficiency development. The BENHAM streamlined approach, innovation and intense customer service has cemented the BENHAM family of companies as long term value creators in both the domestic & global marketplace.

benhamofficesThe same timing, skill, and determination that once benefited them on the baseball field catapulted them to the top of business world in just five short years.  Their accomplishments have been recognized by dozens of publications, including Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ernst & Young, Wall Street Journal, and Business Leader Media.

 jasonthumbJason Benham

Jason was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles and played with the St. Louis Cardinals before joining John Maxwell's Injoy Group, in Atlanta, GA. In 2001 Jason moved to Charlotte where his work at the David Drye Company cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit to grow and develop people through the marketplace. Two years later, after re-uniting with his brother, David, they ventured out to establish the BENHAM Real Estate Group in Charlotte, NC.

Jason is known for his unique ability to "Make it Happen" and "Move it Forward" in terms of creating businesses focused on meeting core needs. His innovative and systematic approach has elevated him and his brother as recognized leaders in the business world. They were recently recognized as one of Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing Private Companies (2010), and Jason received the prized Stevie Award - Sales Executive of the Year in 2009 and Business Innovation of the Year in 2010. Jason was also recognized as the #3 Real Estate Agent in America by the Wall Street Journal in 2012.  Jason resides in Charlotte with his wife and four children.


davidthumbDavid Benham

David was drafted by the Boston Red Sox and played with the St Louis Cardinals before moving to metro Charlotte, NC in 2002, to join his brother Jason. Once re-united with his brother, the two ventured out together establishing the BENHAM Real Estate Group, a full-service foreclosure management & disposition firm.

09-11-12electDavid recently was the chief organizer, along with a team of local businessmen, pastors, and local leaders, of Charlotte714, a regional gathering of churches at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on September 2, 2012. 

David focuses on client relations, employee development, and global missioneering.  As a follower of Christ, he believes the marketplace is a powerful venue to impact lives. In his words, “Touching a life is more important than bottom line results… this commitment has naturally allowed us to grow our business far beyond what we could’ve imagined".  With the conviction that if it's Christian it ought to be better, David draws from countless stories of baseball and business to show the power of living a life of excellence on the earth.  Now recognized as national leaders in business innovation and franchise growth, David and his brother have been recognized as Entrepreneur Magazine's Top New Franchises and Business Leader Media's Top 50 Entrepreneurs List.