Creating Appetites

CRAVE is a powerful gathering of catalytic leaders, a movement of Kingdom-minded Christ-followers who want to make a massive impact in the world. We are thought leaders, business innovators and ministry doers.



On November 1st, Charlotte area leaders will converge and learn how to view leadership through a new lens while we challenge the process and think unconventionally.

Our motto is simple - Leadership is the ability to create an appetite in another person.  The type of appetite you create reveals the kind of leader that you are. More than a cutting–edge event, CRAVE is an experience that leaves you enlightened, rejuvenated, and ready to create appetites in those that God has entrusted to you in your life’s journey.

Look forward to an engaging experience where timely inspiration can come from the thought leaders who grace our stage or the colleague sitting right next to you.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager, business owners or any professionals, join us at the Westin Hotel Charlotte on November 1st to uncover your potential to be a great leader. Join us to learn how to create an appetite for success in your team.